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Serving Huntsville, North Alabama

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

Home with tree in front
Q: Do you remove storm damage?
A: Yes, we do remove storm damage. Please remember during major storms, trees on homes/businesses, garages, vehicles, and blocking drive paths are high priority. All other calls become low priority until all high-priority calls have been met.

Q: Do you provide free estimates?
A: Yes, as long as you are within the northern portion of the state of Alabama. If you are outside of this area there is a $65.00 estimate fee.

Q: Do you do estimates on Saturdays?
A: Our estimates are performed during business hours only, unless arranged with the technician directly.

Job size
Q: Will you perform small jobs?
A: Yes, no job is too big or too small for us.

Lawn Care
Q: Do you mow lawns?
A: No, we do not mow yards.

Q: What kind of landscaping do you provide?
A: We cater to more of the hardscape, setting and planting of trees/shrubs/flower/ornamental plants and grading.

Tree Removal
Q: Do you remove trees?
A: Yes, we remove trees of all shape and size.

Stump Grinding
 Q: Do you grind/remove stumps?
A: Yes, we can grind stumps, remove stumps, and even spray them so they decay.

Q: Do you prune trees, shrubs, and/or vines?
A: Yes, we prune trees, shrubs, and vines of all shapes and sizes.

Q: Do you move/transplant trees?
A: We do as long as the tree/ shrub is under 10 inches in diameter anything over that will need the use of a large tree spade.

 Q: Do you provide chemical treatments for trees and/or shrubs?
A: Yes, we are one of the few if not only company in North Alabama that provides chemical treatments for trees and shrubs.

Q: What are the prices for firewood and/or mulch?

A: Firewood prices vary depending on quantity of wood and if you are picking it up or having it delivered. Mulch is always available on location for pickup only and must call first. Wood chips are free and are only delivered that is only if we are in your area and permitting you are signed up for them.

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