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5 Shade Trees for Smaller Yards


When you hear the term shade tree, tall trees like oaks and walnuts often come to mind. But if your yard in on the small side, you may think that planting such shade trees is not an option.

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4 Ways to Spot Trees That Will Soon Fall Down


Sick and dying trees often give signs that they're at risk of toppling over onto roofs and vehicles. Learn how to spot the signs of a dangerous tree. Here are four methods to identify risky trees before they become hazards to people and property.

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2 Common Diseases Affecting Southern Tennessee Trees


Almost everybody can appreciate the beauty and shade that trees bring to a residential yard, especially when the sweltering heat of summer rolls around. Trees also make a value-rich commodity when the time comes to sell your home. Diseased trees, however, will have the opposite effect, being both a visual detraction and a potential source of problems and expense.

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